July 18, 2019

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About Us

Consumers and businesses in Wisconsin can turn to WisconsinLawFirms.org to find informative articles on legal issues and to get in touch with the high quality law firms in Wisconsin they may wish to retain. Law firms in Wisconsin have to opportunity to utilize our site as a publishing outlet and a way to reach potential clients.

The law firms in Wisconsin listed on our website can each post a profile highlighting the firm’s background and experience, strengths and expertise, and areas of practice. Attorneys with the firms listed here are invited to publish their legal articles on this website. We do restrict the number of law firms listed to no more than five per practice area.

WisconsinLawFirms.org is part of an extensive global network of legal websites created by the international law firm publishing network And Justice For All. An important part of our mission is our commitment to giving back which we accomplish by donating 10% of all of our profits to causes benefiting animals, people in need, and the environment.